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ORIENT STAR: Mechanical Sports Watch, Leather Strap - 43.2mm (RE-AV0A04B)

The Avant-garde Skeleton, with its modern stylish design is an evolution of the Classic Skeleton.The dial consists of two openwork plates superimposed to show depth with a three-dimensional effect. A honeycomb pattern below and a gear motif on top emphasise the mechanical features of the watch. The Avant-garde Skeleton has refined the exhibition of the mechanical movement unique to ORIENT STAR. Each part of the display can be read easily at a glance, not just the hour and minute hands and indices, but also the power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock and the small second hand at 6 o’clock. Even with the skeletonisation, high legibility is achieved due to the complimentary colour scheme used on the calculated open works on the dial. 

      • Case size (3H-9H): 43.2mm
      • Stainless Steel Case
      • Water Resistance 100m
      • Anti-reflective coating glass



  • Modell: RE-AV0A04B


Gehäusegröße (3H–9H): 43.2mmGehäusegröße (12H–6H): 49.20mmGehäusematerial: EdelstahlDesign der Gehäuserückseite: Transparente GehäuserückseiteStruktur der Gehäuserückseite: Schraube, GehäuserückseiteGlasmaterial: Saphir-KristallglasGlasbeschichtung: Glas mit AntireflexbeschichtungGlasmaterial: Gehäuserückseite: Kristallglas


Automatikfunktion: JaJuwelen: 24 JuwelenVibration: 21.600 Schwingungen/StundeHandaufzug: JaBewegung: MechanischFormatcode: Cal.F6F44 Hergestellt in Japan


Gangreserve: Ja (50 Std.)Mechanismus für tickenden Sekundenzeiger: JaWasserfestigkeit: 100 m (10 bar)


Band: Leder

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